Bryant Rabbino LLP

A law firm in New York City

Bryant Rabbino LLP is a law firm based in New York City, specializing in transactional law. and is a certified minority owned enterprise. Bryant Rabbino asked for a website makeover with an emphasis on making the new site easy to navigate. 

Bryant Rabbino asked me to help present their company in a way that made their legitimacy and professionalism unmistakeable and to make their website feel pleasingly visual and effortless to use. In a complete Website Makeover, I reorganized the website so that the home page gives a concise overview of the business. Also, I consolidated less important pages in a navigation section called "more" in order to present a clean and succinct look to the website's navigation. Note that the images on this site come partly from their existing images and partly from images I sourced from a stock photo bank.

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Spin Shoe Guru

A bicycle consultant and blogger based in New York City

Spin Shoe Guru is a website and blog by Sam R. – manager of Bicycles NYC on New York's Upper East Side. On this site, Sam advises people on custom bike shoe and bicycle fits. He reviews bike shoes, gear, spin classes, etc. Because Sam is an industry expert, bike companies are happy to shoot shoes and gear Sam's way for some publicity.

I came up with the name of this website and general concept of this website. Because Sam is relatively tech savvy, I walked him through how to manage the site self sufficiently.

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A hibachi restaurant in New York City

Flame is a hibachi and sushi restaurant that opened on New York's Upper West Side in the summer of 2016. This was an extensive project that required a Website From Scratch. I shot all the photos. In addition to the website, I created a newspaper print ad, which ran in New York's West Side Spirit and Our Town local newspapers.

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Passion for Pachyderms

A non-profit organization freeing elephants

Passion for Pachyderms was founded by Waccabuc resident Helen LeBrecht to support the cause of rescuing and assisting the survival of orphan baby elephants. I helped Helen come up with the website concept and content strategy. The website uses a classically feeling framework and layout, featuring a photo slideshow on the home page.

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Om 3 Body

A chiropractor in Portland, Oregon

Dr Maria M. is an independent chiropractor in Portland, Oregon. 

She asked me to create a way for her clients to easily view her work as well as contact her to schedule appointments. Because I worked remotely with Maria, I used images she provided. This site design features a straightforward and clean design with buttons to guide the visitor intuitively through.

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Miriam Mason LLC

A career coach in New York City

Miriam describes herself on her site as "a passionate career coach and constant optimist who believes everyone has the potential to find his or her dream job or take his or her career to the next level."

She asked me for simplicity and ease of use above all else. Her website is a place for potential clients to learn about her services and process. In this project, I designed the website and took the profile photo. The other photos were sourced from a stock photo bank.

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