What distinguishes you from other web designers?

I have productized my services and streamlined my process down. This way, you know straight from the start exactly what you are getting and for what price. Also, my accessibility is unique within the web design industry. You can simply pick up the phone and discuss your project with me without having to communicate via project managers or other intermediaries. You are getting me, 100%.

How long does it take?

Because my process has recently evolved in include more sales strategy in addition to pure web design, I can't say for certain exactly how long it will take because I'm still re-establishing my process. However I would estimate a complete website should take no more than 6 weeks from start to finish, with about 10-15 hours of direct contact time.

What kinds of websites do you make, and not make?

I make presentation style websites. These are typically 5-15 page websites that lays out a business' services for hire. The goal of this website is typically for the visitor to call the business owner or click to buy directly on the website.

Websites that are out of the scope of my work include 1) medium and large e-commerce websites, and 2) websites that require a portal for the business' clients to log in and access a backend site.

Why would I pay a web designer when technically I could do it myself using one of the various free or low price options available online?

For the same reason you might prefer to pay a professional contractor to build or remodel your home rather than doing it yourself. At the end of the day, is hiring a professional craftsman valuable to you? Also, what do you have more of, time or money? Do you have the time and the desire to learn the tools and make enough mistakes to get the website you need? If so, then you can and should build it yourself. If not, then hiring a web designer may be valuable to you.

Can I update the site myself after launch?

Yes. I build on the popular and client friendly Squarespace platform, while also using custom code to create a unique website. Squarespace makes it possible for your website to easily evolve with your business. Clients who are comfortable using a computer can do basic tweaks and modifications to their site after launch without relying on a designer. Of course, clients can always easily hire me or other designers for future tweaks to the site.

Why is a website important?

In short, a good website presents your business and creates a more fruitful conversations with new clients. Clients will look to your website for answers to common questions and also to confirm your legitimacy and professionalism. A good website gives your clients confidence in you so that by the time you speak together, the conversation can focus on the important details.

Who is your ideal client? 

My ideal client is a service based business who needs a Website Makeover. Right now I am open to all types of businesses, but I am also particularly interested in completing projects with professional firms and interior designers.

What does do you mean when you say you help with brand positioning?

I work with you to explore questions such as: Who is you ideal customer? What makes your business valuable & distinct? What do you stand for? (And perhaps more importantly) what do you stand against? Base on the answers to these questions, I design a website that sends the right signals to your ideal client.

What do you see as the biggest need in the website design industry? 

I believe there's a need for web designers who can help clients articulate their messaging in addition to doing the nuts and bolts of web design. Also, my clients say one thing they were looking for was a designer who was personable and able to help guide them through the process.

Why do you only build on Squarespace?

Because Squarespace is the simplest and elegant website platform available with plenty of power. As a company, Squarespace has been called the Apple of the website industry for the way they have created such a clean solution.

What's your professional background and how did you arrive at web design? 

Here's the quick story: I earned a bachelors degree in mathematics, then taught English abroad for 3 years. Next I studied cameras and lighting, with a plan to build a freelance practice as a photographer. In 2015 I was invited to work for a web design company in New York as a project manager. There, I explored web design and learned that most small businesses who come for a website also needed help with strategy, copywriting, and photography. I decided to aim my practice at this need, and in the summer of 2015, I began my own practice.

What if I don't even know how to begin?

My clients have varying levels of web knowledge and sometimes don't even know which questions to start with. Rest assured. I will guide you through from start to finish. Also, because people communicate differently, I'm able to work with clients by email, by phone, and even the old fashioned way – in person – here in New York City.


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