What is the average price for web design these days?

Asking the average price for web design is like asking the average price for a contractor to build a house, which among other things depends on the house size, type of materials, complexity of design, etc. In general, most businesses can expect to pay a professional web designer between 2k and 10k to formulate, design and build a complete website.

Here's a chart of prices

The following is a chart showing the prices you can expect to pay for a complete website, based on a price survey I did in May 2016. Keep in mind that these prices are approximated. The prices vary based on the scope of the project, the expertise of the designer, and the designer's perceived position in the market.

Price ($) of web design

Web designers/agencies

How did I find these prices?

In summer 2016 I called 20 design companies in the New York City area and covertly asked about their prices based on a 10 page website design including strategy and web design, but without photography. Shop around, and you should find these prices to be fairly accurate.

Don't just take my word for it

Here is the #1 Google result for the search term "How much does web design cost?". In the article, the author quotes 5k to 10k as a general range.

How to find a web designer

Web designers tend to be found similarly to other professional service businesses (such as wedding photographers, interior designers, and career coaches): through personal networks and online searches.

How to choose a web designer

1) Make sure the web designer is able to articulate their approach and philosophy, 2) Make sure they are approachable and ask helpful questions, 3) Make sure they are able to clearly list what services are included in their price and package.