What are signals?

Signals are anything a visitor to your website sees or feels that contributes to their perception of you, your work, and your business. Here's a simple example: when a visitor notices that your website feels neat and tidy, they will likely assume that your work is also neat and tidy. Ultimately, it's a cumulative pile of signals that determines whether you will earn their business or not.

10 COMMON SIGNALS & assumptions

Note: it may not be necessary to be doing every single one on this list. The more, the better.

1. Website feels neat and tidy

"Their work is probably also neat and tidy. I'll probably feel relaxed throughout the process."

2. The website is very informative and also succinctly well written

"They care about giving me the information I need while also being mindful of my time. When I work with them I will likely feel well informed."

3. The profile photos look friendly

"They are likely approachable and personable. I'll probably get along with them."

4. The website works well on a mobile phone

"They stay up to date with their tools. They'll probably be up to date with their practice as well."

5. There is plenty of social proof via testimonials and connected social media accounts

"Other people know them and have used them. I can probably trust them."

6. They keep up with their blog consistently

"They must have an organized and consistent routine. I can probably count on them."

7. There are actual photos of work/products/services (not just stock photos)

"Ok, so what I'm seeing is actually what I'll get. I can probably rely on them to deliver on my expectations."

8. There is regularly new content on the site

"Their website is staying fresh. Their business must be staying fresh too."

9. The website has dynamic visual effects such as video backgrounds and clever animation

"Their website is quite modern and up to date. Their business must be up to date too."

10. Overall, their website feels very easy to use

"Hiring and working with them will likely feel easy too."

Is your website sending the right signals?